Teen Breast Reduction – Ariel Winter on the Emmy Red Carpet

teen-breast-reduction-ariel-winter-2015-emmysNearly 115,000 women underwent breast reduction surgery last year. A growing number of those women are teens. These young women are making the decision to have teen breast reduction surgery because they experience pain, low self-esteem, and have difficulties with daily activities. The number of teens undergoing breast reduction surgery is expected to increase with actress Ariel Winter’s honest and brave public discussion of her own surgery and the phenomenal success she experienced.

The Modern Family actress made her first major public appearance post breast reduction surgery on the Emmy Red Carpet wearing a stunning red strapless gown by Romona Keveza. Prior to the surgery, Ariel suffered from severe back and neck pain and was bullied and body shamed online. But after undergoing breast reduction surgery, she has publicly stated that it was the best thing she has ever done for herself and her self-esteem. Ariel told “E!” on the red carpet that she can reach a lot of people her age and make a difference by talking about things going on in her life. She hopes to inspire other young women with her own story of transforming her life and health for the better. Many other celebrities have bravely shared their stories of breast reduction to support teens and adults considering making this life improvement.

I have performed lollipop breast reduction procedures in teens with phenomenal results for many years and have seen the positive transformation of their lives. Teen patients do exceptionally well and recovery is quick with most teens back up and running one week after surgery.

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Celebrity Breast Reductions from Drew Barrymore to Ariel Winter

Celebrity Breast ReductionIn a recent interview with Glamour, Modern Family star Ariel Winter opens about her decision to undergo breast reduction surgery. She talks about how the surgery changed her life, becoming happier, more confident, and seeing a major reduction in her back pain. She exclaims, “It’s amazing to finally feel right.”

While Ariel may be one of the youngest celebrities to confirm undergoing breast reduction surgery, she is just one of many celebrities to see the benefits of the procedure. Drew Barrymore, Queen Latifah, Janeane Garofalo, Patricia Heaton, Denise Richards, and Rosanne Bar have all confirmed that they too have undergone breast reduction surgery, not to mention the countless celebrities speculated to have undergone the procedure. Each and everyone have been quoted as experiencing a vast improvement in their quality of life. They comment on their decrease in pain and greater self-confidence, as well as being able to fit into clothes better. Many reflect that the decision to have breast reduction surgery was one of the best decisions they have every made.

In my office, I perform numerous breast reductions every week. It is one of the most popular procedures and is transformative for every patient. Patients are relived to see their neck and back pain disappear while their self-confidence and happiness soars. I use a limited incision technique called French Vertical Mammoplasty to create a natural, youthful shape while reducing scarring. My technique also reduces recovery time, usually lasting only 7-10 days.

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Normalization of Plastic Surgery

Time Story

“Cosmetic surgery has become the new makeup,” declares Joel Stein in Time Magazine’s June 29th cover story. Stein explores the normalization of plastic surgery and how society’s stigma against admitting to surgery has transformed into an open and frank discussion. One of the side effects of this trend is more and more patients are consulting non-medical professionals for their cosmetic surgery needs. This is like going to the drug store and consulting with the stock-boy which lipstick you should buy. Sure the drug store’s staff sells the makeup, but would you really trust them to do a makeover? Just like you would only trust a makeup professional with your makeup choices, you should only trust a board-certified plastic surgeon with your cosmetic procedures, be they surgical or non-surgical.

The article highlights the bevy of options available to patients for non-invasive procedures and how commonplace such practices have become. Anyone can now go to a medi spa or even their eye doctor or dentist for their bi-annual Botox. While the turn towards being more open and accepting of plastic surgery is fantastic, the ease with which these procedures are available is troubling because if a patient were to go to a medi spa or dentist’s office, he/she is limited to the non-surgical services provided. In some cases a non-invasive procedure may be the best option, but in other cases the patient would see better results and be better off with a surgical procedure. This is why a plastic surgeon should be your number one go-to for any cosmetic procedure.

In my practice, I consult patients on both their surgical and non-surgical needs. My goal is to provide a holistic experience that takes into consideration the clients short- and long-term goals, lifestyle, and budget. Sometimes, that means recommending an over-the-counter skin care solution instead of facial surgery or laser. Each case is unique, and I pride myself in getting to know my patients and delivering a customized solution. Even if I do not offer a certain procedure that would be best for the client, instead of pushing another procedure that I do offer, I send the patient to a trusted colleague to ensure the patient achieves the best result. When it comes down to it, a board-certified plastic surgeon is still your best option for guiding you through the process.

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