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ask the expert if the derpamen works to make skin look younger

The skin care world has been buzzing lately about a new skin rejuvenation device that promises younger looking skin with minimal to no downtime: the Dermapen. There is some science to bolster this dermal stimulator’s claims, but that doesn’t mean you should believe all the hype. Here’s the truth about the Dermapen.Here’s the Dermapen pitch: By creating channels in the skin through a vibrational motion, the Derpamen helps active ingredients access your skin’s deeper layers. Once the active ingredients hit the dermis, they create local trauma, which helps rejuvenate the collagen that keeps your skin young, glowing and wrinkle-free.

The idea of injuring the skin slightly to stimulate collagen has been around for a long time, and there is some science to back it. However, it’s important to remember that the Dermapen and other minimally invasive skin rejuvenation products usually don’t get you the results you want after one treatment. Multiple treatments equals more time, more appointments and, often, more money than you had initially planned on spending.

The bottom line: If you’re young and only need minor changes such as slight sun damage correction and texture improvements, then the Dermapen might be the best initial option. However, for older patients who desire more drastic results (i.e., reducing visible signs of aging or correcting major sun damage), the Dermapen tends to overpromise results. Procedures such as the facelift, mini-facelift, dermal fillers or laser skin resurfacing may require a bit of recovery time, but they also provide longer lasting results and a proven track record for patient satisfaction and safety.

There’s nothing more disappointing than getting a treatment that doesn’t live up to your expectations; that’s why a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is so important. Contact Dr. Applebaum to discuss all the non-invasive and deeper skin rejuvenation procedures available to you and the true results you can expect from each. And be sure to check back with the Appleblog for more beauty tips and expert advice on cosmetic surgery. 

One thought on “Does The Dermapen Work – Ask the Expert

  1. I am wondering if it helps white scars. I had the procedure done for white spots on my chest (been there for a few months after a rash and picking) and it has been two and a half weeks, but I don’t see any change. In fact, the spots seem to be very prominent. They say I need more treatments, but wouldn’t I see some improvement at this point? I read that microneedling and melanin transfer is the only hope for white scars (fairly new ones), so is dermapen the same as microneedling??? Confused. Any tips to get pigment back? Thanks

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